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Standard UA

The account is completely created and prepared by a real person 

Without automation. Without API requests

UA region 

and for all activities — a region’s native mobile network

Registration via a mobile device 

and subsequent preparation via a computer

One Page. Basic set up and one publication

One native Business Manager with a $50/day limit

and one Ad Account inside it

Filled with information and pictures, 

has activity inside–outside Facebook and pauses when needed

Overall it takes 21 days + to make it right

You get


Email Login and Password

Facebook Login and Password

Token EAAB

Account Name

Account Pictures

Account Date of Birth

Account Phone number


*We use anti-detect browsers (GoLogin, Indigo) to manage so many accounts. 

If you use the same software, we can also transfer the profile itself. Write to our manager>


Each of our accounts links up with a phone number, 

and we will accept an SMS message, if necessaryFacebook запрашивает в той или иной ситуации код из смс. Write to contact>


We will replace the account if:

- you receive an ID verification at checkpoint when logging in;

- any advertising restrictions before a date of purchase;

- some aspects conflict with our quality standards;

And you have not done anything inside it


If you prefer, we can make a refund when something in the account fails 

to meet our quality standards and you have not done anything inside it


        Quantity in one order     Price for one                  

1-14                         $19.00

15-29                        $18.05

  30 +                        $17.10

( Your team’s and other coupones will be added on top )

Received file

When buying in a store or through a manager, you receive a text file.

It represents lines with data separated by "," and each line is one account.

To make this information more convenient, we recommend:

1. open the resulting file as solid text and select it completely

2. open a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet and paste the copied text separated by columns through ","

So all information will be structured and understandable.

General recommendations for work

- Work through anti-detect browser / remote access / new users in macOS system

- Work using a mobile (permissibly personal) or resident (non-personal) connection in Ukraine.

- Log in via cookie-file

- Do not launch ads immediately (meaning even engagement on a fan page), but go into your account and fake activity a little. After 24 hours, start working with fan page, business manager and advertising accounts

For personalized recommendations, write to the manager>. Share if there is relevant information on your vertical.